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Version History:


Version 2.1.3f (Mar 2016 through Present) [download here]

  • Added feature: Import MF Library (from a backup)
  • High resolution image download retrieval restored for both and
  • data field retrieval restored for:
    • Movie Title
    • Year Produced
    • Director
    • Length (mins.)
    • MPAA Rating
    • IMDb Rating



Version 2.1.3d - 2.1.3e (Sep 2014 through Aug 2015)

  • Added an auto-update response to fill-in missing data fields (across library) after IMDb updates become available.
  • Bug fix: Error remembering Selections that have no associated file.
  • Alignment with evolution of (.html data fetching).



Version 2.1.3a - 2.1.3c (Feb 2012 through Sep 2014)

  • Revamped automated image download process for both and
  • Bug fix: Error saving cover art for auto-detected movies (from associated files).
  • Alignment with evolution of (.html data fetching).


Version 2.1.1 - 2.1.2 (Feb 2011 through Feb 2012)

  • Added .xlsx spreadsheet export
  • Added support for new, higher resolution poster images offered by
  • Offered and maintained as freeware and donorware; no longer sold as shareware (May 2010).
  • Added option to use either or as the default source for cover image downloads.
  • Added option to exit MovieFinder when associated file is opened.
  • Alignment with evolution of (.html data fetching).


Version 2.1 (Jan 2010)

  • Two new movie data fields: 'Language' and 'IMDb Rating.'
  • Revitalized "Genre Searcher" and "Selections" tabs:
    • Tons of new display options / criteria.
    • New sub-panels allow you to quickly narrow and sort your movie lists based on any field(s).
  • Import a queue of movie titles from a .txt file, or restore a backup of a MovieFinder library.
  • Several new toggled options added:
    • Ability to resize movie details text size to 'make it fit.'
    • Auto-search titles (live) while you type, before you press Enter or click Search (Movie Details tab).
    • Custom rules for duplicate title alert.
    • Option to rearrange titles if they start with an article (A, An or The) [previously forced].



Version 2.0.8 (Nov 2009)

  • Fully compatible with Windows 7.
  • Two new "Display / Alerts" options.

Version 2.0.5 - 2.0.7 (13 Feb 2009 through 27 Jun 2009)

  • Auto-Update features added.
  • Right click images to download an alternate.
  • Indexing option improvements.
  • Mac compatibility enhanced.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Movie info lookup process aligned with changes in IMDb's structure.


Version 2.0.1 - 2.0.4 (throughout 2008 and early 2009)

  • Program auto-update routine streamlined.
  • User settings (such as colors, alerts, display, etc) are now remembered on a new/guest computer (ie such as via thumb drive).
  • Bug fixes, including custom genre settings and the auto-update feature.
  • Smoother customization of cover images.
  • Movie query process updated to keep up with IMDb (Country and Plot Summary).


Version 2.0 (Late 2007) -- Features below are *significantly* abridged. Full details here.

  • Support added for changes in web structure.
    • Tracks history of download performance for future error alerting purposes.
  • Downloads significantly higher resolution images from
    • Intelligent auto-selection based on title, year of production and cast.
    • Option to manually choose picture from results if desired.
  • Several data fields added:
    • Can now set media type (DVD, Blu-Ray, etc, all fully customizeable), keep a number of times watched count, add personal notes, and keep an index. Personal rating (stars) now in 1/2 star increments.
    • Can associate movies with a file (such as an .avi, .mp3, .html, whatever). MovieFinder will ask your OS to play/open it when desired. Drag and drop supported.
  • *Numerous* appearance changes:
    • Preset and customizeable color themes, skins, background, button shape/texture, tabs, etc.
    • Button text replaced with icons. Ghosting and transparency effects added.
    • Refined display options for 'Genre Searcher' and 'Selections' tabs, as well as allowing the browsing/searching in the 'Movie Details' tab to be more specific for browseable movie groups.
  • Several other program improvements
    • Drag and drop support added.
    • Option to change spelling of movie query if you don't like the results.
    • Install process improved.
    • Mac OS now has a dock icon.
    • Import files from folder.
    • Backup library and cover images to specified location.
  • See full list of 2.0's improvements.

Version 1.240f (Feb 2006)

  • Added an option to automatically check for and download the latest version of MovieFinder.
  • Improved efficiency of searching/displaying movies in the 'Genre Searcher' and 'Selections' tabs.
  • 'Installation' process (self-extraction) simplified, specifically when a Java update is required.
  • Smarter "Would you like to save your changes?" prompts.
  • Progress bar added for example library download.
  • Several other behind-the-scenes improvements.

Version 1.240b (22 Dec 2005)

  • Initial public release, compatible with all operating systems.

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