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Movie Finder 2.1 is the premier movie inventory program, and it's 100% FREE! Its streamlined, automated movie entry lets you organize your movie catalog faster and with fewer clicks than any competing program. Simply type in the name, press Enter then choose from the IMDb.com search results; all movie information and a cover image are automatically downloaded.

No comparable program can be run from a USB thumb drive and taken seamlessly from a Windows computer to a Macintosh or Linux machine with no installation required. The only requirement is that Java SE 6 or greater has been installed on the computer.

MovieFinder isn't just a digital representation of your movie collection. Unlike mainstream library programs, its unique features concentrate on helping you pick out a movie to watch from your extensive home DVD inventory. If you keep your movies on your hard drive, MovieFinder can use the default program to play the movie once you've picked it out, and can even auto-detect new files and help add them to your library. When narrowing down movies you're interested in, Movie Finder will let you keep a temporary list of 'Selections' which you can whittle down as you watch new releases or eliminate movies from the list as you see fit.

A comprehensive set of program appearance options are available to suit any taste. Choose from color schemes, button textures, background patterns, and more. A robust .xlsx spreadsheet will satisfy even the most complicated printing desires.


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"I love MovieFinder, and you can quote me!"

- Bruce Duttenhofer

"MovieFinder has become my favorite movie database application... none of the competition comes close when it comes to searching for titles in the user's library. Not to mention its customizibility, compatibility with other platforms and mobility. Once again: thanks and I hope more people will discover MovieFinder's capabilities!"

- Damienn Danataus