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'Selections' Tab
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'Options' Tab


The 'Selections' tab:

This screenshot is shows the movies that have been 'selected' in the demo library.


The premise of movie selections is to keep a queue of movies that you or your guests are interested in watching. For example, you can add a few movies that you are interested in watching to your 'Selections' tab and then let a friend pick from that list. This way, you both get to watch a movie you picked out.


In reality, you can use this list of selections for anything you want...to gather movies to take on a trip, to print, to delete from your library, etc.



You can narrow down your selections in a similar manner to the 'Genre Searcher' tab with a few minor exceptions:

One of the actions when clicking on a movie changes from 'Add Movie to Selections List' to 'Remove Movie from Selections Tab.'



The buttons area has also changed:

The 'Clear All Entries' button will de-select all movies (removes all movies from the 'Selections' tab).


The 'Reload Selections Last Saved' button will restore the selections that were present at startup. This feature allows you to create a temporary group of selections and still save other changes to your library without affecting your initial group of selections.


For example, suppose you already have a list of selections saved and you are suddenly overwhelmed with the desire to print out all movies that are 'Checked Out.' All you would do, is go to the 'Genre Searcher' tab, click on the 'Clear All Selections' button, click on the 'Movies Checked Out' radio button (in the 'Limit Searches To..' box), then click on the 'Add All Visible to Selections Tab' button. Switch to the 'Options' tab, and click on the 'Print Selections' button. You can now either exit the program without saving to retain your last list of selections, or you can go back to the 'Selections' tab and click on the 'Reload Selections Last Saved' button. This is just one example of this very versatile feature.

Another example would be to go into the Adv. Search (on the 'Genre Searcher' tab) and search for all movies checked out to 'Chris' (or whomever). You could then follow the above procedure to print out that list.



The 'Options' tab features two buttons that deal directly with the 'Selections' tab:


[buttons depicted below are located on the 'Options' tab]

The 'Print Selections' button will print all movies that are currently selected.


[buttons depicted below are located on the 'Options' tab]

The 'Delete Selections' will delete all movies (and their poster files, if desired) that are selected. These movies will be no longer be in your library.




If you still want more information or have a specific question, feel free to send an email to:


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