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'Genre Searcher' Tab
'Selections' Tab
'Movie Details' Tab
'Add New Movie' Tab
'Poster View' Tab
'Options' Tab


The 'Movie Details' tab:

This tab displays movie information and a poster / DVD cover for a single movie.



The search bar will allow you to quickly display a movie you are looking for. This search is not for searching IMDb, this is to search your personal library for a specific movie already entered into your library. Keep in mind that the check box selected has a direct relation to the search (and browsing via the Previous/Next buttons). If the 'Selections List' checkbox is selected, the movie displayed will be the closest alphabetical match of your current selections to the search string you entered.



If new movies have been detected,

you will also see the 'Auto-Detected Movies' radio button appear. You can search/browse through this group of movies the same way. For more information on Auto-Detected movies, visit the Tips and Advanced Features section.



If any of your movies have been 'tagged' to indicate that your attention is required (such as not having any genres checked, no picture file present, duplicate movie, load error, etc), you will see a screen similar to this one:

A popup will explain what the problem(s) are and ask you to fix them. In most cases, the 'Auto-Update' button will fix the problem(s) for you.



Tagged movies also have their own browsable, searchable queue,

as indicated by the above radio button.


For convenient switching, you can press the Tab key on your keyboard to cycle between the radio buttons.



All information for a particular movie is displayed in the box on the left side of this tab.

(Note: making changes to the checkboxes and personal rating above are automatically submitted and kept track of -- there is no need to click the 'Edit this Movie' button simply to make changes to a movie's genres or personal rating)



There are also nine buttons on this tab:


Each button has a 'Quick-Key'; pause your cursor over a button to get a tip:


The 'Previous' / 'Next' buttons flip through your library / selections list / auto-detected movies / tagged movies (dependent on radio buttons under the search field). You may also use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard for browsing previous/next movies.

The 'View Movie' and 'View Trailer' buttons invoke your web browser and take you to that specific movie on the Internet Movie Database website (www.imdb.com).

The 'Add to Selections' button toggles the selection status of the current movie (button is labeled 'De-Select Movie' if the displayed movie is part of your current selections).

The 'Auto-Update' button looks up the movie via IMDb and updates the current movie's fields and genres.

The 'Save Changes' button saves your library in its current state, including your current selections.

The 'Delete This Movie' removes the current movie from your library and asks you if you want to delete the associated poster file as well.


The 'Edit This Movie' button pops up a new window:

You may make any changes to the above fields and submit them when you are done.

(Note: the 'Checked Out To:' field determines the 'Checked Out' or 'In Stock' status of the movie. If left blank, the movie is 'In Stock.' If you enter a location, the movie is 'Checked Out.')




If you still want more information or have a specific question, feel free to send an email to:


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