For a short video demonstration overviewing MovieFinder's basic functionality, click here.

Easily inventory your movie collection

Systematically helps you pick out movies to watch

Robust .xlsx spreadsheet export

MovieFinder can run from a USB thumb drive

Same download runs on Windows, Macintosh, and even Linux operating systems

Extensive program appearance options, to include color themes, button textures, backgrounds, etc.


The main movie display screen:

This screen allows you to quickly and easily narrow down your display. Suppose two people are trying to pick a movie to watch from their collection. One is in the mood for romance, the other in the mood for action. If both genres are checked, all movies are displayed that contain elements of both action and romance.



Clicking on one of these titles, reveals details about the movie:

All basic movie information (year, length, rating, director, cast, plot summary) is displayed alongside the cover image. Click the View Trailer button to watch a trailer via If you've associated this movie with a file on your hard drive, click the Open/Play button to open the file.



Adding a new movie is as simple as it gets:

Simply type in the title, press Enter, and click on one of the search results. All movie information is loaded for you, and a cover image is downloaded.



There are several appearance options. A few combinations are demonstrated below. Click on an image to enlarge:

These screenshots are just a preview of appearance options. Customizeable options include button shape, button texture, component focus, frame style and more.